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A Love Story

Best friends Sasha & Lode reunited

After 6 years of house & pet sitting, the list of pets we've looked after is long.
But some pets will forever keep a very special place in my heart and my 4,5 year old son Lode feels exactly the same. For him, life - since he was born - consists of moving regularly and making new furry friends each time. He loves all 'his' pets but ever ...

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We have a indoor munchkin cat & a grey & ginger cat outside.
we also have 4 dachshunds (2x 3 month old pups) & 3 collie working dogs. Dogs exercise ...
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Loving - Honest - Reliable Family of 4
Last updated on 17 Jan 2018
We are a family of 4 and have 2 beautiful twin girls who are 5. My husband and I are in our early 40s. We do not smoke, drink and have never touched d ...
I have had dogs in the past. Now I have two pet cats. I love Plants. I house sit for my ex-wife. LOL. She works in the travel industry and other peopl ...
Merhawit Tewelde
Last updated on 13 Jan 2018
Hi my name is Merhawit i am from Adelaide i am a very mature polite lady who is full of life my hobbies are shopping like meeting new people watching ...