Frequently Asked Questions
Home Owners FAQ
What is house sitting?
House sitting is the practice whereby a landlord/homeowner, leaves his house for a period of time and entrusts it to one or more 'house sitters'. The house sitters are entitled to live there rent-free in exchange for assuming responsibilities such as taking care of the pets, performing general maintenance, gardening, keeping trespassers off the property, readdressing the mail, and in general, making sure that everything runs smoothly.
Why getting a house sitter?
Having a house sitter in your home whilst you're away is a good alternative to leaving your pets in boarding kennels or catteries. It saves you a lot of money as you don't pay your house sitter; your pets remain in their own home and get lots of attention. Your home is secure and lived in.
What does it cost?
Our service is FREE for home owners. You can place an ad on our website for free to find a suitable house sitter. The house sitter will house sit (and take care of your pets) in return for rent-free living.
Why should I choose Easy House Sitting?
Our secure website has been designed by experienced house sitters who then made the transition to being home owners and being on the other side. Finding a house sitter via Easy House Sitting is EASY; the website is really user friendly. We allow you to set detailed search criteria for better search results. There's no need to scroll through long lists of ads and profiles. Your privacy is important to us; we never publish your contact details online. And should you need further assistance, you can always email us. Our goal is for you to have peace of mind whilst you're away.
How does Easy Housesitting work?
Home owners can join for free and put an ad on the Easy House Sitting website. There are 2 ways for home owners to find a house sitter:
  • Home owners can browse through the house sitter profiles and contact any house sitter that seems suitable via the Easy House Sitting website.
  • The best approach is for the home owners to create an ad. Easy House Sitting publishes your ad and will also email it to all potential/available house sitters that have email notifications setup. The house sitters can then contact the home owners directly via our website. Out of all the replies you get from house sitters you can determine which candidate(s) may be suitable to look after your house and pets.
The website will not show any of the home owner's contact details unless you specifically choose to do so, not even to members. (you can choose to reply to all messages via the website)
Who house sits and why?
Everyone can house sit. There is no such thing as the typical house sitter and there's a variety of reasons for people to house sit: Some house sitters want to save money for a deposit whilst living rent free. Others just want to try out new suburbs, life in the city, life on the farm. Some families find it a good way to have a budget friendly and comfortable holiday. Some retirees see it as the ideal way to move closer to their (grand)children or to see new parts of Australia. House sitting should really be a win-win situation for both home owners and house sitters.
Do the house sitters have references?
House sitters will provide referees for you to contact. Referees can be home owners from previous house sits or employers. Some house sitters may have a police check.
Do house sitters bring their own belongings?
House sitters expect the home to be furnished and they will bring only what is required: clothes, toiletries, maybe a laptop. It is not uncommon for home owners to lock certain items away or to agree on which bedding, towels etc. should be used.
Who pays for the utilities and pet food?
The general rule is that home owners pay for all utilities (other than phone calls) and all pet related costs (mainly food), especially if there are several pets or if the house sit is relatively short. For longer house sits (+ 3months) or house sits without pets a set contribution per week can be asked. Everything is negotiable with the house sitter. Any repairs due to normal wear and tear should be paid for by the home owners.
Do I need a written contract between myself, the home owner, and the house sitters?
It is recommended that both home owner and house sitter sign a contract setting out the arrangements: dates, pet responsibilities, house duties, etc. The contract is between the home owner and the house sitter. Download the example House Sitting Agreement.
What if I need to come home early due to an emergency / illness?
It is recommended to specify in the contract what the procedure is in case of an emergency. Easy House Sitting suggests that the home owner gives the house sitter at least 1 week's notice. If the Home Owner can't accommodate the house sitter for at least 1 week, it is reasonable that he'd pay the house sitter a small sum. ($250)
What if an emergency arises for the house sitter?
We recommend that the home owner and house sitter have a 'temporary' replacement plan in place in case of an emergency. This could be a neighbour or relative who could step in for a couple of days should there be a real emergency. It is recommended to specify this in the contract.
How do I contact a House Sitter via the website?
To contact a House Sitter, you have to log in first. Once you're logged in, you can go the the profile of a House Sitter and send a message. If a House Sitter has sent you a message, you can reply to the message via the 'Messages' page in the 'My Account' section. If the House Sitter has given his/her contact details, you can choose to email/phone directly. Note that you have to be registered as a Home Owner to be able to contact a House Sitter. If you are unable to contact a House Sitter, you are most likely registered as a House Sitter yourself. Sent us an email and we'll make the necessary changes to your account.
I found a House Sitter. What do I do with my ad?
Once you've found a House Sitter, you should take your ad offline to stop House Sitters from contacting you. To do so, log in, go to the 'My Account' section and choose 'My House Sit Ad'. Select the 'Deactivate' button at the bottom to take the ad offline. Whenever you are in need of a new House Sitter, you can re-activate the ad and change the dates. Alternatively you could select the 'Delete' button to remove the ad. In that case you will have to create a new ad if you require new House Sitters.
What to do before the House Sit starts - Home Owners Checklist
There is an extended Home Owners checklist that you can use to make sure you're ready to hand over the care of your home and animals to your house sitter. Download the Home Owners Checklist.