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17 Jul 2012
You need an adventurous heart and number 8 wire.

The following article has been written by one of our earliest members. You can find more house sitting stories on their blog.

House sitting! Anyone can do this, but to be successful you need an adventurous heart and some number 8 wire.

The adventurous heart is to get you on the road in the first place. You need commitment, to stick to an agreement. You need enough confidence to go to strange places and live in someone else’s home. You need a love of animals, because you can bet your boots you will meet animals of all shapes and sizes, and all with tails. And let’s face it, the dogs know that once they have been bathed and smell a little less doggy, then the only thing to do is roll in the sand and get filthy again. This can be a tad frustrating.

The number 8 wire is to fix things. Generally something will need fixing. The toilet will overflow, the washing machine will have a hissy fit, the garage door will jam, and the dog will probably eat something he found and chuck up on the carpet. The number 8 wire ensures you are a bit of a fixer upper and have the confidence to face the unexpected.

However, once you have your adventurous heart and piece of number 8 wire, you are in for a treat. You will meet some wonderful people, (and one or two who are a bit odd), you will see parts of Australia you have never seen before, and as you will probably house sit for several weeks or months in the one place, you will have the opportunity to get in some serious sightseeing at your own pace and with free accommodation thrown in.

We have been house sitting for quite a while now, and this blog is to give you a rundown on the good, the bad and the ugly (of which there is little) aspects of house sitting, along with some of the do’s and don’ts.