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02 Apr 2011
New product: the Ikea Hundstol dog Highchair

"The IKEA HUNDSTOL dog highchair is a safe, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced product to accommodate the growing demand for furniture that reflects today's modern family. The HUNDSTOL dog highchair is available from April in all IKEA stores (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane) Price: $59"

This is one of yesterday's April's Fools Jokes. Ikea did a good job on this one. And to call this product 'Hundstol' (meaning mad, rabid) is even funnier! Apparently Ikea got lots of calls from dog lovers straight away to enquire about this dog highchair. And I have to admit that I really like the idea and design. It's almost a pity that it is a joke.

So whilst we're waiting for the 'real' pet high chair to be launched at Ikea or elsewhere we'll have to work with what we have: for us personnally, one of  Ikea's toddler high chairs does a really good job as a cat highchair. It's definitely Sasha's favourite. (Sasha is one of our house sit cats)


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Posted by Patricknip on Sat 17 Jun 2017 14:16:09
I seen that one and got a laugh out of it the add was very well done and someone had a wicked sense of humor.
Posted by Don on Mon 16 May 2011 15:31:10
Thanks to one of our members, Dr H. Kelly, I found out about a doggie highchair currently being sold in the US. The 'Bone Appetit Seat' is a beautiful wooden, hand painted piece of furniture.
Posted by Nele on Wed 06 Apr 2011 11:14:58
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