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30 May 2011
Security tips for house sitters and home owners

The main reason for getting a house & pet sitter is usually to have someone look after the pets. The added benefit of having a live-in sitter is that burglars loose interest in your house or unit. If you also have a dog, that's even better.

The burglar's selection process is simple. The unoccupied home with the easiest access, the greatest amount of cover, and with the best escape routes will be very tempting.
But it's not only burglars, you want to be prepared for. If you live in an area with the threat of natural disasters like bush fires or floods, it's also a plus to have someone present.
Let's take a closer look at some easy precautionary measures.



For the home owners:

Before you go away and leave your house & pet sitter in charge, make sure you do the following:

  • Remove ladders and clutter from your yard & have the lawns mowed
  • Have hedges trimmed, especially the ones that prevent natural surveillance
  • Check the locks, also the one on your letterbox. Replace all locks and latches that are in need of repair.
  • If you have a back to base alarm system, inform the company. They will need your house sitter's name & your house sitter may need a (personal) security password.
  • Leave a list with emergency numbers and vet details near your phone(s)
  • Leave a spare key with 1 neighbour or family member nearby and leave the contact details with your sitter. Never leave a spare key in an obvious place around the house
  • Make arrangments about where to leave the car(s). If you always park in the garage or behind the house it's harder for burglars to work out whether someone is at home or not
  • Make arrangments about the use of the car and let your sitter know where the (spare) key is
  • Put your jewellery or other valuables in a safe
  • Let your sitter know whether it's common to have strangers come by for electricity or water metering.
  • Keep some spare batteries for the fire alarm and let your sitter know where they are
  • Make sure you have a pet travel crate ready and let your sitter know where it is
  • If you have a box packed with things to take with you in case of an emergency (birth certificates, insurance documents etc), seal or lock it well and let the sitter know where it is. Alternatively leave it with a family member.
  • Introduce your sitter to the neighbours
  • Take your time to explain to your sitter what you expect in terms of security and time spent at home.

For the house sitter:

  • Always close & lock all windows when you go out, even if it's just for 5 minutes.
  • Never leave a spare key in an obvious place (under the door mat, in a flower pot, ...)
  • Always have the details of the owner's friend / relative / neighbour who has the spare key on you when you go out. (As a bonus: if you ever accidentally lock yourself out, at least you don't have to call a lock smith straight away)
  • Don't leave valuables behind the window for everyone to see them.
  • Bring the mail in every day
  • Don't forget to put out and bring in the garbage bins. If you think you'll get mixed up with the days, just set weekly phone or email reminders for the duration of your sit. Do this the day you move in and you won't forget about it.
  • Be discrete. Don't share any information about your house sit (or the fact that your own property is sitting empty) with others.
  • Never let anyone in the house that you don't know. Ask an ID and/or check with the company in case someone is persistent before letting them in.
  • Check the ways out of the house in case of a fire. (Our current house sit house has crimsafe security flyscreens on most windows, so there's no way out there in case of an emergency)
  • Always leave your keys in the same spot so you don't have to think in case of an emergency

The more safety precautions you take in and around your property, the more you put off potential criminals.
Having a house sitter at your place & having done the effort of preparing yourself, your property and your sitter, you'll have confidence and peace of mind while you're away.
Enjoy your trip!


(Image by Will Bullas)

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Thanks for this wise advice to house sitters. It hasnt come up yet but something to be definitely aware of. Not every one is up front.
Posted by JIll Langtree on Thu 14 Jul 2011 04:17:49
Cheers! Some information for HOUSESITTERS. Arrange to meet Homeowners about 1-2 days before so as you can be sure you are safe and have some go with you to meet the Homeomner/s. As in a Church Minister and Police Officer, who lives in the Town. If the Homeowner/s are in the Country and if it's possable, ask if you are able to use their car. And mention to the H.Owner/s that you do not want their male friends poping over for visits if you are a female. Ask H.Owner/s does anyone else in family have keys to house and that goes for friends. Ask to meet the family members and friends if possable. AND ASK IF THE HOUSEOWNER OR ANY OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS/FRIENDS HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD. GO AND ASK AT THE LOCAL POLICE STATION BEFORE YOU ACCEPT TO HOUSE SIT. YOU CAN PHONE BEFORE YOU LEAVE TO TAKE UP THE JOB. House Sitters have to be careful just as much as the HouseOwners. And ALWAYS mention to ALL your Family Members and Friends where you are going. And give them the Address of where you are going. Thank You Fayette
Posted by Fayette on Mon 20 Jun 2011 08:59:37
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