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10 Oct 2012
A Love Story

Best friends Sasha & Lode reunited

After 6 years of house & pet sitting, the list of pets we've looked after is long.
But some pets will forever keep a very special place in my heart and my 4,5 year old son Lode feels exactly the same. For him, life - since he was born - consists of moving regularly and making new furry friends each time. He loves all 'his' pets but every now and then someone really special walks into his life; cat friend Sasha is his all time favourite.

Sasha used to live in Cherrybrook and we looked after her in 2010 for 6 months (photos 1 & 2, Lode age 2). When we first met her, Sasha had no experience at all with young kids but she was fascinated. She got addicted to his love and attention, not to mention the new games and interesting toys.

With Lode at home full time they were together constantly for the full 6 months and Sasha would even try to join us on our daily walk by hiding in the basket underneath the pram. (Now, that one didn't work!) When Lode broke his leg and couldn't get up or walk for 7 weeks, their friendship grew even more intense. It was like nothing I'd ever seen between a child and a pet: a very, very special connection.
Obviously it was heartbreaking for Lode to leave Sasha behind after their 6 months together. So we just had to stay in touch and visit Sasha occasionnally.

You can imagine our excitement when we recently managed to arrange a house sit in the Blue Mountains. That is of course tempting in itself but even more so knowing that Sasha & her family are living there now. So we started planning another special visit.
Lode always loves to be prepared: he bought Sasha a little toy mouse at the local pet shop. He put a lot of effort in wrapping it up in (pink) paper that he decorated beautifully.
He also decided he'd have to help Sasha open the gift. "You know, cats can't do that themselves, mum." Although Sasha would probably manage, if you're asking me.

Upon arrival in the Mountains we started our new house sit and we were introduced to our 6 house mates, all cats, that we'd look after. It all felt good straight away but Lode couldn't wait to go out to the other house and see Sasha again. So off we went to Wentworthfalls for a visit.

No big surprises there: Sasha hadn't changed at all; she is still inquisitive, playful and feels like she's the centre of the universe. Sure enough Lode and Sasha started checking each other out again and soon it was like they hadn't been separated at all. (photo 3, Lode age 4,5)

Being reunited with Sasha was very special and emotional. My boy is not one of many words (and English is his 2nd language)  but when we left Sasha's house, he sweetly asked her owner: "Can I come back another time?" Sure enough the answer was yes. We got invited on the spot look after Sasha & her furry friends later this year.

That made our boy (and the rest of us) very happy and we went on to relax in our new home in Katoomba. Our cat family of 6 soon lost all shyness and joined us on the sofa and on the bed
(Well, they probably see it differently and would say WE joined THEM on THEIR sofa & bed.)

The house sit was very straightforward with good instructions and easy going pets at a great location.
We went off to see the Tree sisters, did a couple of bush walks, visited the local play ground and we even made it to the Jenolan Caves.

So it felt like a love story & a proper holiday all in one.
Is there an 'endless repeat' button for this?

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17 Jul 2012
You need an adventurous heart and number 8 wire.

The following article has been written by one of our earliest members. You can find more house sitting stories on their blog.

House sitting! Anyone can do this, but to be successful you need an adventurous heart and some number 8 wire.

The adventurous heart is to get you on the road in the first place. You need commitment, to stick to an agreement. You need enough confidence to go to strange places and live in someone else’s home. You need a love of animals, because you can bet your boots you will meet animals of all shapes and sizes, and all with tails. And let’s face it, the dogs know that once they have been bathed and smell a little less doggy, then the only thing to do is roll in the sand and get filthy again. This can be a tad frustrating.

The number 8 wire is to fix things. Generally something will need fixing. The toilet will overflow, the washing machine will have a hissy fit, the garage door will jam, and the dog will probably eat something he found and chuck up on the carpet. The number 8 wire ensures you are a bit of a fixer upper and have the confidence to face the unexpected.

However, once you have your adventurous heart and piece of number 8 wire, you are in for a treat. You will meet some wonderful people, (and one or two who are a bit odd), you will see parts of Australia you have never seen before, and as you will probably house sit for several weeks or months in the one place, you will have the opportunity to get in some serious sightseeing at your own pace and with free accommodation thrown in.

We have been house sitting for quite a while now, and this blog is to give you a rundown on the good, the bad and the ugly (of which there is little) aspects of house sitting, along with some of the do’s and don’ts.

05 Jan 2012
Message from Gidget

My name is Gidget and I'm a happy terrier.
Recently there's been a lot of bark in my neighborhood about who's travelling this summer and who's not. I wasn't too worried myself as I had never been left home alone before. But guess what? This time my family went off to Asia without me. Boohoof!

Lucky they arranged some pet sitters to look after me. For the past 2 weeks I have been sharing my house with a new family. They are cuddly people who like walks, so I still get to do all the things I love. Despite the fact that I haven't been able to trick them into feeding me more, I am really happy to have them here. There's hardly any time to think about my own - travelling - family.
Quite a good start to the New Year!

I would like to wish all my fellow pets the very best for 2012.
May lots of happiness, exercise, good company and delicious food come our way.
Last but not least I want to thank all our owners for loving us and looking after us the best they can.
And let's not forget over 1000 Easy House Sitting pet sitters caring for our friends and relatives Australia wide.

I hope you all have a ball in 2012 and remember to take it EASY,

Woof woof,

VIP client, Easy House Sitting

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